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Reasons to quit Google:

How To Quit Google

1. Avoid using Google products

With Youtube, Picaso, Gmail and other products offered by Google, it may be hard for some Google addicts to abandon the web giant. Fortunately, we have a list of alternatives services.

2. Stop using Google’s web search

Google tracks your searches, before long, the web company will know you better than you know yourself. If you value your privacy, ditch Google for a search engine that doesn’t spy on you. The best web search that is comparable to Google’s ability and still protects your privacy is DuckDuckGo.com. The only downside is that you have to use Bing! or Google through an encrypted proxy to search images.

Add DuckDuckGo to your search bar:


3. Stop letting Google passively track you on the web

The first step to doing this is to block their cookie which has an expiration of 30 YEARS. The best tool is an add-on called “Cookie Monster”. With Cookie Monster, you can block the Google cookie. If you must log into Youtube or Gmail, you can temporarily disable the add-on.


The next step is to block Google’s tracker, many sites have GoogleAnalytics/Adsense. The best way to block the tracker is to use another add-on called “Ghostery”. Ghostery not only blocks GoogleAnalytics/Adsense, it blocks every other offsite trackers, including Facebook and Twitter.


Block all Google ads, this can be done by using the add-on, “Adblockplus”


I decided to go this route just today. New search engine (DuckDuckGo), new e-mail (Hotmail), switching back to Firefox from Chrome. I’ve already been mocked for going over to Hotmail but hey, guess what, my self-esteem isn’t affected by that kind of playground elitism. Sorry, this just seems like a better set of options.

Microsoft is known for their close relationship with the government. Hotmail isn’t the best email  service when it comes it privacy. Hotmail will gladly give your emails to the government with a simple wiretap order. The FBI can even get access to your email without a warrant through their “Carnivore” program. I recommend using riseup.net email services. Your emails are encrypted and your IP address is not attached to your sent mail.

guys, shut the fuck up. the government could give a fuck about your google searches for “miley cyrus pregnant” and “pre-cal textbook solutions”

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